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People also ask

  • What kind of fish are in Lake Graham?

  • All species are currently managed under statewide regulations. Hybrid striped bass and white bass fishing are rated good. Fishing for largemouth bass and crappie can depend on season and water level. Lake Graham is a power plant reservoir, but the plant operates only when demand is high so it does not provide consistent winter fishing.

  • Where to catch striped bass in Lake Graham?

  • Hybrid stripers are also consistently caught in the equalization channel between Graham and Eddleman and around the dam on the Graham side. For bass, with the variety of cover, a number of techniques can be productive, including flipping, dock fishing, topwater, and spinnerbaits.

  • Where is hot water discharge at fishing lake Graham?

  • The hot-water discharge is located on the Eddleman portion of the reservoir. The lake offers a variety of cover including smartweed, bulrush, pondweed and lily pads.

  • Where does Will Graham live in Wolf Trap?

  • Will Graham’s house, located in Wolf Trap, Virginia, in the farmlands outside Quantico. Will lives there, along with his dog strays, which he partly considers to be his family.