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  • Is braided fishing line stronger than mono?

  • Braided line is much stronger than mono of the same diameter. This allows you to pack more line onto a smaller real, which can be extremely important when it comes to deep sea fishing when you need all the line you can get. Another benefit is its high level of sensitivity.

  • What is the best braided fishing line for the money?

  • Our number one choice for best braided fishing line is KastKing SuperPower. KastKing braid is the most versatile over all the brands. The other brands listed are some of the best out there however we believe KastKing SuperPower to be the best all rounder for the money.

  • What is the best braided line?

  • Top 5 Best Braided Fishing Lines Of 2019 1. KAST KING’s Super Power Braided line 2. Piscifin Braided Fishing Line 3. Spectra’s Power Pro 4. Berkley’s FireLine Crystal 5. Stealth Camo Braid’s Spider Wire

  • Why use leader with braided line?

  • Here are the main reasons: ONE: Braided line is very visible to fish, no matter what the color. It is intrusive in their world and it can spook them. The leader material is less visible and fluorocarbon leader is invisible to fish. I highly recommend using fluorocarbon to give yourself every advantage to catch fish.