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Recreational fishing promotes mutual understanding between urban dwellers and fishermen, which is important to “Harmonious Society”. Last but not least, recreational fishing can raise ordinary people’s awareness of the importance of environment protection and territorial waters, which is especially important after China outlined the

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  • How does recreational fishing affect the marine environment?

  • New research shows that recreational fishing can sometimes be a huge problem — especially for threatened species of marine fish. Let’s go fishin’! After all, a lone angler fishing from a dock or a few friends going out to sea can’t have all that much of an effect on fish populations … right?

  • What’s the difference between recreational fishing and commercial fishing?

  • Recreational anglers usually catch just a few ocean fish in a whole day, while industrial-scale commercial fishing often uses miles-long gear and catches tons of marine life at a time.

  • Why is it important to have a recreational activity?

  • Having a recreational activity to turn to can make up for all of that tiredness and make you into a new person after an hour. Whether you like fishing or playing video games, you can spend that time doing something you love and simply be happier. Once your mind resets, you can enjoy the rest of your day feeling a lot happier. 2.

  • What are some good reasons to go fishing?

  • Social Bonding: Sharing a fishing experience helps strengthen relationships with family and friends. It also offers a person the chance to give back to society through mentoring others in the pleasure and importance of being good stewards of our natural resources.