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So, why is fly fishing addictive? Well, the simple answer is that it can provide you with a truly captivating experience. It encourages the release of positive endorphins, which make you feel positive emotions.

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  • Why do people like to go fly fishing?

  • Whether you are fishing alone, or with friends, fly fishing is exciting, frustrating, immensely satisfying, and enormously rewarding. It can offer you solitude and a great chance to get out on your own into quiet, untouched, unpopulated areas of the wild, or it can be a social activity with a group of your pals.

  • Is it possible to catch a trout on a fly?

  • Unlike fishing with a spinner rod, you probably wont catch a fish on a fly (especially not a dry fly) for your first few times. It’s frustrating, it’s challenging, and when you finally do land your first trout on a dry fly, it is the BEST feeling in the whole damn world.

  • Which is the best way to fly fish?

  • Fly fishing can be done from a drift boat, but it’s more fun to wade your way up a creek or river, casting as you go. Walking through waist deep water, against strong currents, over the slippery, rocky riverbed is about one of the best workouts you can get. Plus, swinging that rod back and forth really works that casting arm.

  • Do you need a spinner rod to fly fish?

  • Fly fishing is not like fishing with a spinner rod. It takes a lot of thought and a great knowledge of the river, bug hatches, and trout feeding patterns to be able to accurately select a fly that will attract a fish.