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why are many fishing boats found near ocean upwellings插图

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  • Why are there more upwellings in shallow water?

  • There is less vegetation there. The water is less turbulent there. Many marine species gather there to eat the nutrients brought to the surface. Upwellings are found in more shallow waters, so boats do not need deep anchorage. Quiz not found!

  • What happens to marine life during the upwelling?

  • The algae population grows slowly and forces marine life to move out to sea. The current produced by the upwelling forces the algae population to relocate. The algae population becomes depleted as a result of colder water temperatures. The nutrients supplied as a result of the upwelling cause algae to become abundant.

  • How does upwelling change the temperature of the ocean?

  • Upwelling decreases the temperature differences between different layers of ocean water. Upwelling cycles nutrients from decomposers along the ocean floor to producers in surface waters. Upwelling returns salt to the surface from the benthic zone as part of the global conveyor belt current.

  • Why is an upwelling important to these creatures?

  • Why would an upwelling be important to these creatures Flowing rivers can receive pollution discharges and be little affected, whereas small streams have less capacity to dilute and degrade wastes. It also affects the amount of silt and sediment carried by the stream then to the ocean