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  • Which is the best brand of fishing rods?

  • Croix Made in the U.S.A., the Legend Xtreme line blends the best of all St. Croix technology into one rod, including a proprietary manufacturing process that uses resin to increase flex strength under serious loads.

  • How many fishing rods are made at G Loomis?

  • –Kirk Deeter The G.Loomis plant is one of only a handful of large-scale fishing rod manufacturing facilities still operating in the United States. Every one of the thousands of rods (in over 500 different casting, spinning, and fly fishing models) cranked out by G.Loomis every year is still built by hand.

  • How are scrim fibers used in fishing rods?

  • The scrim fibers in a fishing rod are what allows that rod to bend under great stresses, then bounce right back into straight form. Think of it like flexible re-bar in your fishing rod. Step two in the rod building process is to encase the wrapped blanks in cellophane, in order to prepare them for baking in an oven.

  • How many rods are in the legend Xtreme?

  • The Legend Xtreme freshwater series now includes 11 rods—five spinning models and six casting models—ranging from 6-8 to 7-4, medium to heavy power, and Fast to X-Fast actions capable of throwing to 1 ounces effortlessly.