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  • Who invented fly fishing?

  • However, William Radcliff, who wrote a book on the subject of the history of fly fishing, credited the invention of fly fishing to Marcus Valerius Martialis, who was born roughly two hundred years before Aelianus.

  • Is fly fishing a sport?

  • Fly fishing is a delicately balanced sport, a mixture of scientific and mythical movements. Each flick of the wrist is done with a finesse from repetition and rhythm, the fisherman consistently attempts to improve his technique through repetition.

  • What is the history of fishing line?

  • Fishing line is a cord used for fishing, more precisely angling – fishing with a fish hook. It is an old invention but how old – we don’t know for sure (as with other things that were made of materials that didn’t survived the centuries.) Archeologists found ancient Egyptian art representing fishermen that caught the fish with a rod, line and fishing hook that dated from the year 2,000 BC .