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  • Who is a collector of antique fishing lures?

  • Hi, my name is Earl Grant. I am a collector of later vintage and antique fishing tackle such as antique fishing lures, antique fishing reels and antique fishing rods. I have been a member of the ‘National Fishing Lure Collector’s Club (NFLCC)’since 1998.

  • Is it safe to keep old fishing lures?

  • An old cigar box would be just fine to keep lures safe. If you are lucky enough to have a tackle box that was made by hand, it could be very valuable. Here are some popular tackle box brands:

  • When was the first wooden fishing lure made?

  • A example of some very early wooden fishing lures that I like to collect. Most of these lures were made prior to 1910. An example of some very early fishing lures made of glass and metal that I like to collect. Some of these date to the 19th century.

  • What kind of fishing lures are in good condition?

  • Here is an early Shakespeare fishing lure. Dating to 1907 this minnow has a high forehead body style, A-notch props, see through gem clip hardware and comes in Excellent condition. Comes with a correct matching maroon picture box. Box is also extremely rare and also in Excellent condition. One of the nicest examples known of this fishing lure.