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  • How is overfishing bad for the marine ecosystem?

  • Overfishing is not sustainable and ultimately depletes a fishery. Overfishing is a more expensive fishing practice. Overfishing results in species becoming overpopulated. Overfishing prevents the formation of protected habitats. Seafood Watch is a program that identifies sustainably harvested, ocean friendly seafood in order to __________.

  • What is the role of coral reefs in the environment?

  • Coral bleaching occurs when a colony of polyps are under stress. Which of the following best explains the role of deep sea coral reefs in the environment? a. They are responsible for fouling fishing lines. b. They are a quick-growing food source for deep water predators. c. They provide a critical habitat for many other organisms.

  • Why are farmers concerned about the growth of their crops?

  • A farmer is concerned about the growth of the crops because their water supplies are running low. The farmer is worried about the evaporation of excess water and wants to ensure their crops are getting enough water to grow. The farmer is prepared to meet any cost if it means long-term success.

  • Which is more common forest fires or low lying forest fires?

  • Forests that experience fairly frequent but moderate (low-lying) forest fires have a greater species diversity than forests that experience no forest fires or forests that often experience severe, crown-burning forest fires. Which of the following agricultural practices will accelerate cultural eutrophication?