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People also ask

  • What kind of equipment does headwaters Outfitters rent?

  • We rent canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards and all the river accessories you’ll need for your paddling trip. The River Adventures offered by Headwaters Outfitters include your canoe or kayak, life jacket, and paddles.

  • Where can I Borrow fishing rods and reels?

  • You can borrow fishing equipment as easily as you borrow books at a library! Borrow rods, reels and tackle boxes with hooks, sinkers and bobbers for up to 7 days. Find a site near you.

  • How to loan a trunk of fishing gear?

  • Other sites loan trunks of fishing equipment for larger groups to borrow and use anywhere.) Fill out a borrower/survey form. Go have fun fishing. Return the loaner gear. Some locations may require a deposit. Please ask the location about their specific policy. Sites marked with (#) are known as especially busy sites.