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  • What states have salmon fishing?

  • Salmon can be found in limited numbers as far south as Mendocino County, California, and Idaho. As dams have come down, many species are experiencing improved numbers. The Pacific states can have excellent fishing in their prime drainages, most notably the Columbia River.

  • What is the best salmon fishing in Oregon?

  • Salmon fishing in Oregon is great year-round, but fall does yield some large catches. Your best bet for big salmon at this time of the year is along the Oregon Coast Range at Tillamook Bay, Nestucca River, Chetco River and Elk River.

  • Where can I catch salmon?

  • Catching salmon can be done from a boat or from the shore near rivers and creeks. Catching salmon is very fun because they are hard fighting fish that are great to keep and eat. The west coast of the united state is full of wild salmon that run from the San Joaquin river system in Californian near San Fransisco up to the northern regions of Alaska.

  • Where does the best salmon come from?

  • Salmon is indigenous to the Atlantic Ocean, and the best tasting wild salmon still comes from Restigouche in New Brunswick, but this is the privilege of few sports fishermen. Today, most salmon is raised in “farms”, a technique invented by Norwegians who still produce the best” of the lot.