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  • What lakes are near Dayton Ohio?

  • Of the 26 lakes nearby, these are some of the best; Blue Lake, Big Four Lake, Beaver Lake, Winn Lake, Findley Lake, Little Petes Camp Lake, Petes Camp Lake, Devils Lake, Johns Camp Lake and Long Lake. For those anglers preferring to fish in rivers, creeks and streams, they will find the area around Dayton offers about 207 options within 50 km.

  • Where is the best bass fishing in Ohio?

  • Smallmouth bass abound within the Ohio River. Fishing in this river is particularly best in the Willow Island, Hannibal and Pike Island pools, according to Game and Fish magazine. Within the Richland and Morrow counties, this reservoir provides prime largemouth bass fishing.

  • What is the biggest bass caught in Ohio?

  • On the evening of May 26, 1976, Roy Landsberger hooked and landed a 13.13-pound largemouth bass from a small pond in Northeast Ohio. To date, it is the largest bass ever recorded in Ohio’s history. For nearly 40 years the record has remained unbroken. In the eyes of many, it is a mark that is untouchable.

  • What is the best bass lake in Ohio?

  • The best body of water for hybrid striped bass fishing is the Ohio River, but East Fork Lake in Bethel and Buckeye Lake in Millersport are the top lakes. Buckeye Lake is a 3,100-acre lake just 33 miles east of Columbus and offers boating, swimming and picnic grounds in addition to fishing.