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The most famous place to try out this type of fishing is St. Vejle , in Ishj just south of Copenhagen. In the stream and the small lakes in this water system, giant perch come up in the winter where anglers catch them on jigs, spinners and the local favorite which is live shrimp.

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  • When is the best time to fish in Copenhagen?

  • Cod fishing in the northern and central parts of Copenhagen Harbor has been on fire since 2015. The waters here get deep relatively close to shore and in the spring and fall, you’ll easily go home with a few fish for dinner.

  • Where are the best places to fish in Denmark?

  • Denmark is surrounded by water, meaning there’s no shortage of places to cast a line. There’s the North Sea to the west and the brackish Baltic Sea to the east, both teeming with a cast of unique fish. Inland, you’ll find plenty of rivers and lakes, equally abundant with delicious specimens.

  • What’s the biggest fish ever caught in Denmark?

  • In 2017 a new Danish record weighing more than 22 kg was caught in a private lake. Even though fish above 6 kg are not caught everyday, then pike fishing is a great way for foreign anglers in Denmark to get in touch with quite big fish fast.

  • How big is the fishing industry in Denmark?

  • Fishing in Denmark is a seriously big deal. Although it’s the smallest country among its Scandinavian neighbors, the fishing industry in Denmark is huge. Employing over 20,000 people, it’s the fifth-largest exporter of fish and fish products worldwide.