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  • What is the best fishing pole?

  • For a strong, light pole, try a graphite rod. Make sure you get good quality graphite. A high-modulus graphite pole will be stiff and thus cast most accurately. The length of a good fishing pole for freshwater and light saltwater fishing should range from 5.5 to 6.5 feet.

  • What are the best fishing pole brands?

  • According to many fishing professionals, shimano is the best top leading fishing rod and reel brand. This fishing rod has an ultimate and completely appealing look. With different kinds of models under this brand, all of them have showed the best performance ever seen in the history of fishing equipment.

  • What is a fishing pole?

  • fishing pole – a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line.

  • What is a fishing pool?

  • Fishing pools, or Schools of Fish, are location objects found in different bodies of water in WoW that have a significance to the fishing profession. Typically, a higher portion of more desirable items can be fished within a fishing pool. Fishing pool is a more general term; School of Fish is a fishing pool that contains (primarily) fish.