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where is the best walleye fishing in the united states插图

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Because overall best states for walleye fishing are the only ones on it. While theColumbia Riveris one of the greatest trophy walleye fisheries on earth, it’s the only world-class fishery found in those two states. Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and Montana have some great fisheries, too.

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  • Which lakes are best for fall walleye fishing?

  • Some lakes setup better for fall bites than others, so if a 30-plus-inch walleye is your dream catch, here are 10 lakes that should be on your destination bucket list come autumn. 1. Lake Erie, Pennsylvania/Ohio Spoons and crankbaits fished deep often put the largest fall Erie walleyes in the boat.

  • Where is the best inland walleye fishing in Wisconsin?

  • Much like a Canadian Shield fishing experience, this lake is full of 16- to 24-inch walleyes. Really some of Wisconsin鈥檚 best inland walleye water. Great early season opportunities exist on the Wolf River but as the season progresses, much of the attention shifts back to the basin of Winnebago.

  • Where can I catch deep walleyes in Ohio?

  • Ohio waters east and west of the Bass Islands near Port Clinton hold the biggest concentration of heavy-hitters come fall. Top Tactic: Dipsy divers and spoons are an overlooked option to target deep walleyes in the early fall.

  • What are the best lakes in the US for fishing?

  • Minnesota’s second-largest inland lake covers 207 square miles. While it鈥檚 primarily known for being one of the best fishing lakes in the US for walleye, Mille Lacs also has northern pike, muskie, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. 3. Lake Istokpoga, Florida