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where is the best smallmouth bass fishing插图

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Lake Mendota, Lake Mohawksin, Oconomowoc Lake and Okauchee Lakeare the best bets to land a smallmouth, but don’t forget about the Wisconsin River or the esteemed Mississippi River, which is fishable all the way into Minnesota. Additionally, Sturgeon Bay has some of the best smallmouth habitat known to American bass anglers. 5.

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  • What is the best smallmouth fishing in Washington State?

  • 1 Banks Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing. This is a giant reservoir stretching nearly 30 miles south from around Grand Coulee Dam in central Washington. 2 Columbia River Smallmouth Bass Fishing. … 3 Lake Washington Smallmouth Bass Fishing. … 4 Potholes Reservoir Smallmouth Bass Fishing. …

  • What are the best smallmouth bass fishing lakes in America?

  • Don’t let the fact that this is a coastal state dissuade you from thinking that it’s a great warm-water fishery, because it is. Waters like Cobbosseecontee Lake, Megunticook Lake and Sebago Lake aren’t only good smallmouth bass fishing lakes, but you could just as easily hook into a landlocked salmon or trout! 7. Missouri

  • Where can I catch smallmouth fishing?

  • The truly savvy folks among us, though, know that footballs are brown bass who like to dig deep and then rocket skyward with an air attack. From east to west, north to south, if the conditions allow you to chase them, this is the time to catch your personal best smallmouth. Here are 10 places to get it done: 1. Lake Coeur d鈥橝lene, Idaho

  • Where is the best smallmouth fishing in Minnesota?

  • Starting right off with the famed Mille Lacs, smallmouth fishing in the North Star State is as good as it gets. This shallow, sprawling lake is replete with all the structure a smallmouth bass could ever want, making it a fisherman’s dream.