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where does fishing license money go插图

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鈥淎ll the money we get from the fishing licenses goes into a fund at the department called the Fish and Wildlife Fund,鈥?said Jim Herkert,director of the Office of Resource Conservation at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 鈥淭here are actually six statues that put regulations on that money.

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  • How are fishing and hunting license fees used to fund programs?

  • In order to be eligible for these funds, state statutes must be explicitly written to direct all funds collected from fishing and hunting licenses, fees, and waterfowl stamps straight to fisheries and wildlife programs. These statutes are an assurance that the money collected from license fees will go back to fish and wildlife management.

  • How much does Minnesota spend on fishing license sales each year?

  • The Minnesota DNR fisheries section at that time had a yearly operating budget of about $35 million. Peterson explained that around 50 percent of that amount came from anglers who purchased a fishing license or stamps. That year, the state generated around $18 million in license sales. All of that money went to the DNR fisheries division.

  • Do hunting and fishing licenses actually help conservation?

  • Most hunters and anglers understand that the money we spend on hunting and fishing licenses helps pay for conservation. But just how much of that license money actually goes to support true conservation efforts?

  • Are fishing license agencies eligible for federal grant funding?

  • State agencies that sell fishing licenses are the only entities eligible to receive federal grant funds. Each state’s funding share is based on its number of licensed anglers and on the size of its land and water area.