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  • What’s the best way to spool a reel?

  • If you’re going to spool your reel with braid, here are two options for making it easier: 1 Option 1 – Start with a mono fishing line and create a layer of it around the base of the spool before tying on your… 2 Option 2 – Stick a layer of masking tape around the bare spool of the reel. This will give the braided line more… More …

  • What happens if you don’t spool a spinning reel?

  • Despite these perks, however, any spinning reel can be rendered useless if the fishing line is not spooled properly from the start. Understanding how to spool a spinning reel can help you avoid problems, such as line twist, loops and other hassles. Use these fishing Pro Tips to take the trouble out of your tackle on your next fishing adventure.

  • What to do when your fishing line Won’t reel in?

  • Run the fishing line off the spool down to the guides. Then, secure the fishing line to the reel spool. Start reeling it on while pinching your fingers on the fishing line down on the rod. Avoid Overfilling Your Spool.

  • When did the Busted fishing reel spooler start?

  • Busted Fishing started in 2014 when we saw the need for a product that can produce up to 15kg of smooth drag to spool reels tight, to prevent line digging in on itself. Within 5 years we sold over 5000 Bee’s Knees Reel spoolers that have changed the way reels can be spooled, thanks to the unique carbontex drag system and great design.