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People also ask

  • Where can I get the best quality leeches?

  • Leechtrapper Your #1 source for quality leeches directly from the trapper. From our ponds to your door, we guarantee you fresh leeches, dependable on time shipping and prices that won’t suck you dry.

  • How big of a leech do you need to catch panfish?

  • Extra large and large leeches are typically used for Walleye and bass. Our medium leeches, 2-3 inches long offers the average size leech that appeals to both large and small fish. Small leeches are great for panfish and at about 1 inch long they are at perfect size for helping you catch your daily bag limit.

  • Do you get free shipping on a leech order?

  • FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, ALL ORDERS OVER $500 GET FREE SHIPPING in the United States and WORLDWIDE! 3. Leeches are Premium Quality and we also offer Leech Supplies!

  • What kind of fish do ribbon leeches catch?

  • This bait is hard to beat when it comes to catching fish, Mediums for Panfish and Large and Jumbos for Walleye and Bass and any other large game fish. Our ribbon leeches come in 3 different sizes Medium, Large, and Jumbo.