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  • What to do with a natural fish net?

  • Cast the right backdrop for the party with a Natural Fish Net! This decorative fish net is made of knotted nautical mesh fiber. Perfect for your beach party or summer luau, the reusable netting comes with a natural washed look. Fill it with balloons, string it with lights, drape it over a table, and use it in dozens of other interesting ways.

  • How big is a fishing net for a party?

  • Only 18 left in stock – order soon. Netting Decoration, Fish Net Party Decor – Natural Color Cotton Netting 48” x 144” Inches. Fishnet for Nautical Theme, Pirate Party, Hawaiian Party, Underwater, Beach, Ocean Mermaid Party.

  • What kind of netting is used for fishing?

  • Bulk #126 fish netting is woven soft white nylon. Large mesh reduces water resistance and tangling. This netting is frequently used in catch and release nets. Netting can be dyed. 4’ depth, 3/8, mesh.

  • How big does minnow netting need to be?

  • Bulk minnow netting can be cut to any size, wont unravel. Low drag through the water. Netting is treated for extra long wear. Mesh size is 1/4 inch, 45-1/2 inch deep. Sold per running foot.