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  • Can you buy a fishing license online in Florida?

  • FLORIDA FISHING LICENSE INFORMATION Florida fishing licenses can be purchased from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission online or at select sporting good stores or other retailers that sell hunting and fishing equipment. A recreational fishing license is required for any person 16 years of age and older.

  • How do I find my nearest fishing license vendor?

  • The Department strongly recommends calling vendors in advance to verify hours of operation. Below is a sortable and searchable list to help find your nearest fishing license vendor. A fishing license is available from the over-the-counter vendors (listed below), or NMDGF offices and our Online Licensing System (Customer Login).

  • Can you get a fishing license for hunting and fishing?

  • Combination License: If you want a combined freshwater and saltwater fishing and hunting license, you can purchase one at a reduced cost Sportsman鈥檚 Licenses: For those interested in other activities like hunting, archery, using muzzleloading guns and more, you have the option to purchase one license that covers all

  • Do you need a fishing license for catch and release fishing?

  • In Florida, most people are required to have a license to engage in fishing activities in the state. Even if you catch and release, you still need a license. There are several exceptions to this rule, however. The Florida fishing regulations specify that the following individuals don鈥檛 need a license.