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when is the first day of fishing season in pa插图

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Saturday in April

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  • When does trout fishing season start in Pennsylvania?

  • Regular season (opening day thru Labor Day) 5 (combined species) Extended season (Jan. 1-Feb. 15) (day after Labor Day-Dec. 31) 3 (combined species) Creel limits apply to the majority of trout fishing waters. Other rules apply for Special Regulation Areas. Anglers should consult the Summary of PA Fishing Laws and Regulations for more details.

  • What is the history of fishing in Pennsylvania?

  • 1878 – Act of June 3, 1878, forbade fishing on Sunday. 1879 – United States Fish Commission distributed 12,000 carp to individuals in 25 states, including Pennsylvania. 1879 – Forest Stream magazine mentioned Pennsylvania as the best natural trout region in America.

  • What is the opening day of trout season?

  • Currently, the opening day of trout season is defined as being the first Saturday after April 11 when referring to the regular opening day of trout season, or the first Saturday after March 28 for waters designated as part of the regional opening day of trout season.

  • When is mentored youth trout fishing day?

  • A single, statewide Mentored Youth Trout Fishing Day will continue to occur on the Saturday one week prior to the opening of the regular trout season. To accommodate an earlier statewide opening day of trout season, PFBC stocking operations will also need to occur earlier.