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  • Where can I fish for free in Saskatchewan?

  • On this weekend, residents and visitors can fish in any of Saskatchewan’s public waters open to sport fishing, no licence required. “Free fishing weekend is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors to discover – or re-discover – the wonderful angling opportunities our province offers,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said.

  • When is the free fishing weekend in Quebec?

  • In 2021, Free Family Fishing weekend runs from Friday May 21 to Monday May 24 (inclusive). 9. Free Fishing Days in Quebec Early June. 10. Free Fishing Days in Saskatchewan

  • When is the family fishing weekend in Alberta?

  • 1. Free Fishing Days in Alberta Family Fishing Weekends, occurs twice a year. Family Day long weekend in February – February 13-15, 2021 The weekend following Canada Day in July – July 3 4 2021

  • When is the free fishing weekend in Yukon?

  • Free Fishing Days in Yukon. Once a Year in early July (around Canada Day Weekend). If you’re a Yukon resident, you may fish for freshwater fish without an angling licence during the annual Family Fishing Weekend.