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  • Where are the best fishing spots in Minnesota?

  • According to the Upper Red Lake Area Association, Upper Red Lake offers the best, world class-caliber walleye fishing in Minnesota. Many lake access points are located on the lake’s eastern shore, off State Highway 72.

  • When does bass fishing open in Minnesota?

  • When Minnesota’s bass fishing season opens in May you should get out and enjoy it. Largemouth and smallmouth bass can be easier to catch in spring and early summer when they spend more time in shallow water.

  • When is trout fishing season in Minnesota?

  • Lake Trout fishing in Minnesota is highly variable throughout the year. High season is May to June and September. Closed season is April and October to November.

  • When to fish MN?

  • In Minnesota, autumn is perhaps the best season to fish. Fishing is best in the afternoons and early evenings. This is when the sun is right overhead, making the water near the surface more comfortable for fish. During the mornings, the water may be too cool for fish to swim close to the surface.