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when does my indiana fishing license expire插图

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Indiana fishing licenses are valid fromApril 1 through March 31of the following year, so a 2017 license will be required beginning this Saturday. With a few exceptions, a valid fishing license issued by the DNR is needed to fish in public lakes, streams, rivers or tributaries in Indiana or its boundary waters.

People also ask

  • When does my hunting or fishing license expire?

  • Annual tags and permits will expire on June 30th each year. It is the responsibility of each person before engaging in any hunting or fishing activity to verify they have a valid license, permit or tag for that activity. Privileges for various licenses may expire on different dates if not purchased at the same time.

  • When can I renew my Indiana drivers license and bond?

  • You can submit your renewal up to 90 days in advance of your expiration date. Make sure the expiration dates on your bond and insurance fall after your license expiration dates. The insurance certificate holder must be the Indiana Secretary of State.

  • How long does it take to get a fishing license in SC?

  • You may hunt/fish using your sc.gov order number and a picture id until your license arrives. You will be mailed a hard copy of your license within 5 to 7 days following your date of purchase. Hunting tags and nongame fish tags must be in your possession before they can be used. Tags will be mailed within 3 to 5 days from the time of purchase.

  • Do you need a fishing license if you are under 16?

  • Youth under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license, although they must abide by all other fishing regulations such as gear type, bag and size limits. They may, however, be asked to provide proof of age. Do I need to add the State Reef Fish Angler designation to my license?