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How many sunny days does Colorado have?

Colorado’s high altitude combined with more than 300 sunny days annually across most of the state, means one thing — variable temperatures. The high, dry climate allows nighttime temperatures to drop, while the sun and arid terrain spike temperatures midday. So when traveling to Colorado, dress in layers every day.

What camera do you need to take fish photos?

Camera: While your phone most likely takes great fish photos, a small point-and-shoot, action camera , or even a DSLR may be more handy to carry around. Then you can keep your phone packed away without burning through its battery, or risking getting it wet.

Can you wade in Colorado?

Colorado’s boulder-strewn rivers can be difficult to wade, especially the higher up you go in the mountains. Today’s rubber sole wading boots provide a sticky grip that, when paired with removable studs, match the grip of felt. Plus, rubber sole wading boots are less likely to carry invasive species between rivers.

Do you need to bring fly fishing gear to Colorado?

If you’re taking a “do-it-yourself” trip, you’ll need to pack all of your fly-fishing gear or rent it once you’re in the area. If you’re taking a guided trip, or staying at one of Colorado’s fly-fishing lodges, the guide will most likely provide you with much of the basic gear needed for the day.

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