The Pacific Northwest is known for perfect summer days. But, once you get on the water, the temperature drops. Add in some wind and next thing you know it’s downright chilly. Especially when you’re loading up the boat at 4:00 am. Pack a bag to go on the boat with you, and bring layers.


It’s going to be a long day. To get 50 miles offshore took us a few hours. Add in the time fishing, and then the travel time back, it was 11 hours before we were even unloading the boat and cleaning up. You want to be comfortable. This is an area where you want to sacrifice looks for comfort.


This is a little morbid. You’re going fishing, with the goal being catching fish. There will be blood and guts. I suggest wearing something that you will be okay getting perhaps permanently stained. I opted for dark colors that wouldn’t show any blood.

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