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What to wear fishing

Rain, wind, waves, freezing cold and boiling heat—nothing can stop a kayak angler determined to go fishing. Whether you creep around farm ponds in the heat of summer or fish the open ocean in the dead of winter, on a typical day kayak fishing, an angler should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Why wear fishing gloves

An angler’s hands are constantly exposed to harm. Cold, sun, fish teeth, sharp scales, knives, hooks and line cuts are just the top of the list of hazards. To protect hands in summer, anglers wear thin, sun-resistant gloves. In cold weather, wear full-finger gloves. Neoprene gloves stay warm even when wet.

Fishing in different weather

The biggest obstacle to kayak fishing is the weather. You get the day off, the fish are biting, your friends are waiting and then it starts raining. You can hang it up, or throw on the rain jacket and charge ahead. Preparing for extremes in the weather will unlock more opportunities to fish.

Different types of fishing

Tournament bass anglers are looking for every advantage over the competition. That includes their clothes. Bass fishing is a game of a thousand casts. To make cast after cast for hours and hours, bass pros look for clothes that move with them and protect them from the elements.

Different bodies of water

From ponds to lakes to the open ocean, from winter to summer to winter again, the same principles of layering apply to keep anglers comfortable and safe. River anglers need to take a further step. To shoot the rapids and come out casting, river anglers should be prepared for immersion.

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