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What to wear when wading in cold water?

When wading in cold water, your legs and feet will be zapped of warmth quickly. Good pants and a good pair of thermal wool socks will be necessary to stay on the water. These merino wool socks are a great option at a low price.

What are wetsox socks?

WETSOX Frictionless Wader Socks. The WETSOX frictionless wader socks are specially made to provide frictionless comfort under your waders. They insulate your feet and legs from the cold water but are also moisture-wicking which pairs very well with breathable waders to keep you dry and comfortable.

What to wear to protect your feet from cold water?

You could then put on a pair of thermal wader pants to help insulate your legs from the very cold water. For socks, I would recommend a thick pair of wool socks. You could double-up thinner socks but this can be harder on your toes and feet and may cause injury. Avoid cotton socks as once they get wet, they stay wet.

What to wear on top of a hoodie?

A pullover hoodie is great on top of that as the hood can act as a scarf around your neck or a windbreak you can pop over your head if need be. Then have a nice down jacket as your top layer. If you are very cold, you can have a wading jacket on top of all that. A light rain jacket could be a nice alternative.

What to wear under armour in winter?

You could then wear a fleece or down vest which will keep your body core warmer.

What to wear to cast in the winter?

During the winter, it is important to stay warm. A sleek tight base layer such as a workout Under Armor shirt is ideal as the sleekness will let your arms glide seamlessly when you cast. You could then wear a fleece or down vest which will keep your body core warmer.

Is a neoprene wader better than a breathable wader?

Neoprene waders are cheaper but less comfortable and much less versatile than breathable waders. Breathable waders are the best wader choice you could make. Yes, they will be a bit more expensive but they will be much more valuable to you in the long run.

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