What to wear when fly fishing in the cold?

Your outerwear is one of the most important things to consider during winter. Make sure to have a wind- and waterproof down-filled or Gore-Tex jacket to keep warm when fly fishing in the cold.

What do you need to wear when fly fishing?

Another must-have apparel when fly fishing is a conventional fishing hat or base cap. Quality fishing hats will protect your head and face from the sunlight while at the same time ventilate the head area for more comfort in both warm and cold weather.

Why do you need sunglasses when fishing?

When fishing on or just below the water surface, sunglasses are a definite must! The obvious reasons include protecting your eyes from the sun and being able to see better in bright daylight (plus, they’ll also make you look cool while fishing).

When is the best time to wear a fishing vest?

Summer is the best time for wearing your fishing vest; there is no fat jacket covering it, and you really only have to wear a shirt underneath your vest. Apart from making you look like a professional fly fisherman, a fishing vest can carry a lot of smaller gear and tackle for you (as well as your mobile and car keys), which is very convenient.

Can you wade in water without wader boots?

Given that you actually can wade into the water without the need to wear your waders and wader boots, wearing crocs can be a smart and simple solution. They will give you more stability in the water and protect your feet from sharp stones or up-sticking roots or branches.

Do waders protect you from getting wet?

While waders will protect you from getting soaking wet from head to toe, there is always the risk of getting some of your apparel wet, either by falling in or simply being exposed to a lot of rain or snow.

Do you have to wear waders when fishing?

Whenever you will want to fly fish standing in the water, you will have to wear waders. Those will protect you from the cold water and make sure that you remain dry throughout your entire fly fishing trip.

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