Why do you need a gaiter for fishing?

A gaiter pulls up over your neck, chin and mouth to offer full fishing sun protection from UV rays bouncing off the water and into your face.

What to wear when fishing in the cold?

If you plan on fishing in cold or cloudy places, you may want to toss a fleece jacket into your gear bag. If the climate is relatively temperate, you can probably get by with a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt and a raincoat.

How to dress for offshore fishing?

The best advice for dressing for the sport of offshore fishing is to use lots of layers. Having a few extra items of clothing in your gear bag is much better than not having enough . Appropriate, durable clothing that has SPF protection is essential. Contemplate your clothing materials.

Can you wear a long sleeved shirt under a t-shirt?

You can double up a long-sleeved shirt under a t-shirt for warmth, but you can also strip down for mobility and breathability . An impervious fishing raincoat that is weight-dependent for the climate and a hat are also essential. Some gear has SPF built into the material to add extra sun protection.

Why do you need a fishing glove?

Fishing gloves are great for blocking UV rays from your hands. They’re also anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, so your hands will stay safe, relatively dry and out of the sun.

What is the UPF of a Huk shirt?

For example, the Huk Icon X apparel, which has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50, or the Pursuit series from Huk, with a UPF of 30 , will both help to protect from harmful sun rays. These shirts, made by anglers for anglers, are quick-drying due to their moisture-wicking material.

Can you protect yourself from the sun on the water?

Deep-sea anglers are on the water for hours at a time. Although most will protect themselves from the sun above, not many account for the reflective glare off the water. A hat with a full brim can provide some protection, but the reflection of the sun on the water can also burn skin and cause irreversible damage.

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