How much braided line should I use for a fishing reel?

Make sure to have enough to fill your reel with the right amount of line. If your reel can spool 500yds of 25lb braided line, then make sure you spool it with about 500yds of 25lb braided line. Adding too little or too much fishing line will cause problems that can easily be avoided.

What do you need for surf fishing?

For your surf fishing setup, you will need to use much larger fishing rods and reels to be able to cast your bait further and handle much larger and stronger fish. Surf fishing rods are almost twice as long as freshwater rods, attached with a reel that can hold hundreds of yards of thick fishing line.

What bait should I use for a 3ft fish finder?

Use large fish finder rigs for large cut bait to target fish over 3ft such as sharks, striped bass, and bull sized red drum. A good heavy set up is the fish finder rig with a 4oz sinker baited with a 2” thick cut of frozen fish such a mullet, shad, or bunker. If there are bottom feeders such as toad fish, sea cats, or crabs that keep eating your bait, add a 2” foam float to your leader a few inches away from the hook, or just change to a float rig. A float rig will lift your bait off the bottom away from many of the crabs and other species that eat your bait before the larger fish do.

How much braid can a spinning reel hold?

Select a spinning reel in the 6000-8000 size range that can hold a minimum of 500yds of 25lb braid. The most important factor is the amount of line that it can hold because many saltwater species can grow over 3ft in length! Anything that large can easily peel off hundreds of yards of line.

How to cut frozen bait for surf fishing?

To cut your frozen bait, you will need a fillet knife between 6 to 9 inches. This will also serve as the same knife you use to fillet the fish you catch if you want to keep them for eating. You will also need a pair of good pliers. These are absolutely essential. You will be dealing with fish that have teeth, and fish that have very small mouths that are too small for your fingers. Using pliers to remove a fishhook is the safest and best way to remove it. We recommend 6” to 12” pliers with a line cutter, crimper, and wire cutter, like the 6.5” pliers from our Freshwater Kit. These additional features will help fix and maintain your surf rigs.

What is a pompano rig?

As you can tell by the name, the Pompano Rig is primarily used for pompano, and other fish of the same relative size like spot, croaker, and perch.

How long should a surf rod be?

An 8ft surf rod will work well in areas where the water is calm; otherwise, choose a minimum length of 10ft. Surf rods also have characteristics called “power” and “action”.

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