How to secure the beginning of a wrap?

In order to secure the beginning of the wrap, you will carefully take the thread that is coming from your tension device and overlap it past the tag end. You then hold a finger at this junction to keep the threads from moving. When putting the thread in this position, it allows you to wrap over the tag end, securing the beginning of the wrap.

How to set contrast thread?

To set the contrast color thread in, you will want to turn the rod to where the bottom side is facing you. You want to put the thread in the bottom, so that the junction is hidden on the bottom. To insert the thread, just slide it up perpendicular to the last thread wrapped as shown in this photo. Ask Question.

What to use to prevent color from bleaching?

If you do not use a colorfast thread, then a color preserver will also need to be used to prevent the sun from bleaching the color out of your design. A razorblade, and thread scissors are also needed to cut the thread during the process. Some type of wrapping jig to tension the thread is needed to properly tension the thread while wrapping.

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