What is telescopic fishing rod?

Telescopic rods have grown in popularity as fishing has become more a mainstream rec sport. These rods are easy to transport, and they don’t take up a lot of room in your trunk. The downside is that you don’t get a lot of the sensitivity that you would from a straight one-piece blank.

What gear ratio should I use for fishing reels?

So, the higher the gear ratio, the less cranking you need to do to get that fish in your boat. Most reels will have a gear ratio within the 5-6:1 range. Bearings – There is a lot of fluctuation in the number of bearings you’ll find in a reel.

What is a spinning combo rod?

A spinning combo is signified by the reel sitting beneath the rod, and it has a bail that you need to open before you can cast. When you close the bail, you can start retrieving the lure. Most people choose spinning rods for lightweight fishing applications like small backwater ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Why use a casting reel over a spinning reel?

The main reason that someone would turn to a casting reel over a spinning reel is for sheer power and control over the fish you’re battling. Conventional reels provide a lot more cranking ability, and you can generally spool a lot more line on these reels, which allows for a longer drag.

Why are handle and reel seats important?

These are an important part of the design because you want them to hold up, and you don’t want them causing friction on your line because it will reduce your casting distance. Handles and Reel Seats – The handle of the rod is a purchasing factor because you want something comfortable and natural feeling in your hands.

What does 6.2 gear ratio mean?

Gear Ratio – When you see a reel that says it has a 6.2:1 gear ratio, it means that the gear inside the reel turns 6.2 times for every 360-degree crank you make on that reel. So, the higher the gear ratio, the less cranking you need to do to get that fish in your boat.

What is a baitcasting combo?

These have the reel on top of the rod, and the reel has a few different components. First, it has an exposed bail and usually some sort of leveling system that helps the line set easily on the spool.

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