What is the most productive section of the Gunnison River?

The most productive portion of the Gunnison is the Gold Medal section, which stretches between Crystal Dam and the North Fork confluence.

How to tell if a trout is spawning in Colorado?

Characteristics. You can recognize brown trout by noting their gold to brown skin color and the abundance of small spots, which are primarily located above the fish’s lateral line.

Which river is the most popular for fly fishing in Colorado?

South Platte River. The South Platte River is likely the most popular river among Colorado fly fishers, partly due to its proximity to Denver, but also because it has plenty of rainbows, cutthroats and brown trout.

Where to fly fish in Colorado?

A few of the most productive locations include: South Platte River. The South Platte River is likely the most popular river

Is fly fishing allowed in Colorado?

Fly Fishing For Beginners In Colorado. Eli McGinty / October 31, 2018. It’s no secret. Colorado is a haven for fly-fishing fanatics. With rivers and streams that stretch for thousands of miles, there’s plenty of opportunities to land lunkers all across the state. As a newbie, it can be intimidating. We’re here to help you get started …

What river is good for fly fishing?

Upper Colorado River. The Upper Colorado River also provides excellent fly-fishing opportunities, including the segment between Canyon and Rock Creeks, which was recently awarded Gold Medal status. Much of the river is lined with grassy banks, which make the river easy to access.

How to put a fly in front of a trophy trout?

Here’s what you need to know: The “Handshake”. Grip your rod in your dominant hand as if you are going in for a handshake. Wrap your fingers around the handle, with your thumb on top. Keep your wrist straight and firm.

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