What size reels are used for surf fishing?

This allows a strong light braided line to be used for far casting. There are three sizes which are the 5500, 6500, 7500 that come with the tall long cast spool that is designed for surf fishing. The reel is made with a full metal body, metal CNC gears, and 5+1 stainless steel ball bearings.

How much line should I use for a surf reel?

For this reason, the reel should hold a minimum of 150 yards of line. When fishing for medium-sized fish between 10-50 pounds it is good to have a reel that can hold 300 plus yards of line. For fish over 50 pounds like sharks, it is good to have over 400 yards of line.

Why are surf reels so tall?

However, in many cases, the tall spools hold less line than the same reel with a wide deep spool. The reason for the tall spool is so the line exits the reel with minimal drag.

Why are tall spools good for surf fishing?

Tall spools are great for surf fishing because there is less line drag which allows for further casting. The reel also has the Aero Wrap II which is a two-speed spool oscillation system that places the line in a pattern that reduces line drag and allows for far casting.

What is surf fishing?

Surf fishing is a fun and productive way to catch many types of fish. Anglers commonly surf fish from the beach but similar tactics and gear can be used when fishing from any shoreline. Surf fishing reels often have a tall spool to allow for further casting. Baitrunner reels have an independent low drag system to allow the fish to swim with …

What length is a Rockaway surf rod?

There are also Okuma Rockaway surf fishing rods to match the reel. The two-piece rods come in lengths from 9-feet to 12 feet and have medium-light to medium-heavy action. Okuma rods and reels are very popular with surf fishing anglers. 5.

How long is a surf rod?

Surf fishing rods are usually very long to allow for far casting. Typically surf rods are 9-13 feet in length. Any rod will work but longer rods allow for further casting which is often advantageous when surf fishing. It is common to use a surf fishing rig. These rigs have a lead weight attached to a slider.

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