What is a rod blank made of?

?The rod blank is made from 24-ton carbon, which is a high-density graphite construction, thus making the rod strong, sturdy and yet lightweight.? Similarly, the reel consists of frame and side plates made out of carbon composite, a reliable stainless steel main shaft, and an aluminum pinion gear.?

What is a CC5 combo reel?

?The CC5 combo has a variety of rod sizes and action to meet diverse fishing applications.? With its 8 ball bearings and 1 instant anti-reverse bearing, the CC5 combo reel delivers a really smooth performance. Further, we are given four power options in the form of varying reel sizes.?

What is the Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast combo?

?The Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo is an extremely well-balanced setup that feels light. ? Even after being one of the lightest combos for bass fishing, there are no questions to be raised about its strength and toughness.?

What is ugly stik rod?

This combo carries the name Ugly Stike which is more than enough to tell anglers what to expect from it in terms of durability. Experienced anglers know very well what does it mean.? For those of you who are new, Ugly Stik rods have a heritage of being extremely strong and durable .?

What is a spool made of?

Their handles offer some terrific comfort and balance. The spool, however, is made up of aluminum. Due to being lightweight, this setup allows us to fish for a long duration. And then we have a sensitive handle with a comfortable cork grip that helps the rod be more alert to vibrations and trigger our reflex.

What is a Toray IM7?

A powerful Toray IM7 graphite blank on the rod makes it a powerful, sensitive and lightweight tackle for bass fishing lovers . These rods and reels are very durable not just because they have a brand name behind them, but also because they actually have the material construction to back it up.

Is the CC5 reel corrosion resistant?

?The carbon composite frame and side plates in the reel that we talked about earlier make the CC5 reel not only strong but also extremely resistant to corrosion. Further, we found out that with its corrosion-resistant stainless steel guides & inserts, this combo is a warrior against saltwater.

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