Rod Building: ColorFast vs. Nylon Thread Wraps

Did you know ProWrap’s ColorFast and Nylon thread can look vastly different… even with the SAME color code?

How to Pick Thread Material

When it comes to ProWrap Thread, there are two main thread materials to use when wrapping rod guides, Nylon and ColorFast.

Advice for Selecting Thread Size

Similar to types of thread, thread sizes can make a significant difference depending on the rod and what fishing application you care building that rod for.

3 Tips for Choosing Thread Color

Choosing the perfect thread color is easy when you have an idea or a theme in mind. Maybe you want to do red, white, and blue wraps for an American themed rod… well, that’s easy.

Watch: Comparing ColorFast & Nylon Thread

Check out this short video to see all of the color comparisons between ColorFast and Nylon thread with epoxy finish:

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