What is the best medicine for sea sickness?

There are plenty of over the counter medications out there designed to counter sea sickness and nausea. Gravol is the number one choice that comes to mind here. If it is your first time going on a deep sea fishing trip, do everything you can to stay calm and don’t panic if you hit a wave.

What to bring on a deep sea fishing trip?

1. Sunglasses. One of the first things you’ll want to bring on your deep sea fishing trip is a good pair of sunglasses. You do want these sunglasses to be polarized and you need them to provide you with UV protection.

What happens if a boat dies on you?

The biggest risk associated with deep sea fishing is extreme weather , although weather forecasting is quite accurate now, so you should be able to avoid this.

Is a fishing coat waterproof?

A good fishing coat should have a decent bit of insulation for warmth, it should be windproof or at least wind resistant, and it should definitely be waterproof too. Having a coat that is not waterproof in the middle of the ocean is not going to get you very far.

Is deep sea fishing dangerous?

Deep sea fishing is not especially dangerous. As long as you wear a life preserver and fish properly, it’s pretty safe. Now, of course, there are certain risks associated with deep sea fishing. For one, ocean water can be very cold, so if you fall in, hypothermia can set in fast.

Can you bring freshwater fishing gear?

Folks, don’t bring any freshwater fishing gear with you. Whether a lure, a hook, the line, or the rod, especially the rod, if it’s not designed to handle saltwater, it will rust, oxidize, and break apart in record time. Only saltwater approved fishing gear can be used for deep sea fishing.

Can you fish with gloves?

Although gloves are not the best for fishing, because they reduce how much you can feel with your hands, they do come in handy when it is cold. Go for a nice pair of fishing gloves which have a bit of insulation for warmth and have a waterproof layer to keep your hands dry.

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