Why do my feet go numb when I fly fishing?

And the last thing you should want on a warm day fly fishing is to be forced out of the water because your feet are freezing. Thermal Socks Recommendation:

What is a mid layer shirt?

Mid Layer Shirt. Dressing for a day in the outdoors should always involve layering. Although, to different degrees, that is as true for someone headed out on an hour-long hike as it is for a mountain climber. And, of course, it’s just as true for us anglers.

When to put on rain gear for fly fishing?

Regardless of what the forecast says, bring good rain gear and put it on either before or as soon as it starts to rain, but always before you get soaked. Recovering from a rain and wind-induced chill just sucks, especially since it’s so easily avoided. Shrouded in rain gear, fly fishing activities and tasks get a bit more cumbersome, however, …

Do fly fishing anglers wear straw sun hats?

This seems particularly true in the fly fishing realm, wherein it is as common to see anglers wearing straw sun hats as it is to see them in Foreign Legion-style caps with back flaps. (Yes, attention to style tends to go out the window when you know you’re going to be bombarded with ultraviolet rays all day.)

What time of day do you fly fish?

Even on a summer day, fly fishing usually starts out hot-coffee chilly, warms to a mid-day swelter, then cools as the afternoon clouds and storms roll through. Add that most anglers love to fish through dusk, and it’s easy to see why layering is a perfect way to adapt throughout the day.

Is fly fishing hard on hands?

Suffice to say, fly fishing is hard on the hands. From lacing up boots with usually wet laces, to stringing and knotting rigs, casting, landing and releasing fish and performing seemingly millions of other wet and dry tasks throughout the day, my hands come in achy, parched and sunburned.

What is a cloth sleeve?

These inexpensive cloth sleeves are typically used to shield neck, face and ears from the sun, but also provide nice wind protection, a layer of warmth on a cold day and, when dipped in cold river water, sweet relief on a sweltering July afternoon.

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