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what’s the best bait for bass fishing in winter插图

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5 Best Lures for Winter Bass FishingSuspending jerkbait. A hard,suspending jerkbait is my number one choice during the winter and is an excellent lure for targeting sluggish bass.Crankbait. A crankbait is another good choice to throw in cold water. The best types of crankbaits for wintertime include both lipless and flat-side crankbaits.Jig. A jig is another productive wintertime lure. There are a wide variety of jigs for an angler to choose from,but I prefer using either a football jig,…Soft-plastic swimbaits and flukes. Soft-plastic swimbaits and flukes are also great baitfish imitators and a reliable option when the water is cold.Shaky head worm. The final bait in my wintertime arsenal is a shaky head worm. A shaky head rig is typically a floating,straight-tail worm.

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  • What are the best lures to use for winter bass?

  • Some bass lures work better at slow retrievals than others, so we broke down the best lures to use for winter bass. Arguably the ultimate 鈥済o to鈥?cold water bass lures are jerkbaits.

  • Are spinnerbaits good for bass in the winter?

  • Spinnerbaits are a prime spring bass lure but marginal for most winter fishing unless the water is warm. Try a spinnerbait with a big single Indiana blade for large fish and deeper water use. Also try spinnerbaits late in the day around shallow warm cover.

  • How to fish for bass in the winter?

  • Frontal systems often adversely impact winter bass fishing, so pick your times if you can. Try to fish during and at the end of a warm stable weather period. Bass are often sluggish and strike lightly in cold water. Retrieve slowly. Use light (thin-diameter) line for unaggressive fish, especially if the water is clear.

  • What are the best lipless crankbaits for cold water bass?

  • My number one choice when throwing a lipless crankbait has to be the Strike King Red Eye Shad. It鈥檚 has a super realistic appearance and great action. The lure comes in many different colors and sizes, and works in many situations. All three of these lures are great lipless crankbaits for cold-water bass.