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People also ask

  • How big of a line do you need to catch a mackerel?

  • You will be catching mackerel around the 1-2lb mark so you don’t need a strong set-up but the more feathers you have on the line, the more stronger your rod and reel will need to be. If you’re feathering with 3-6 feathers then put on something around a 15lb line on a fixed spool reel.

  • How big of a reel do I need for 3 plus mackerel?

  • The 10ft model with a 2-4oz casting weight is an ideal setup for a 3 mackerel feather setup and the 12ft 4-8oz set up is ideal for a 3 plus mackerel feather setup. This setup comes with a 60 size fixed spool reel that is already loaded with 20lb monofilament. Meaning you’re already to fish as soon as you leave the store.

  • What kind of Rod do you use for mackerel fishing?

  • The rod you want for mackerel fishing depends on whether you will be primarily float fishing, spinning with casting jigs or using mackerel feathers. Basically, for catching loads of mackerel get a 9ft spinning rod, use 2oz lead weights, 20lb line and sabikki feathers.

  • How many feathers do you need for a mackerel rig?

  • You should only use the number of feathers your gear can handle. This is one of the most commonly used rigs when targeting mackerel. The rig consists of a rig body that is made up of a 40 – 50lb mainline. From this, there are a string of feathers that are connected to the main rig body itself.