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While fishing in Gore-tex waders, most summertime fishermen in Alaska wear either (1) alight to mid-weight polar fleece pant or (2) a quick dry pant with light to mid-weight long underwear underneath. Either configuration works fine at our fishing camps, but you should consider your own thermometer and the time of year you are fishing in Alaska.

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  • What should I bring fishing in Alaska?

  • We strongly suggest bringing a day pack on your Alaska fishing trip. They are far more versatile than just a hip or chest pack for storing water bottles and extra layers when you don鈥檛 need them. A waterproof or nearly waterproof pack is ideal (but more expensive).

  • What kind of clothes should I wear in Alaska?

  • The right clothes for Alaska will depend on the season and where in this huge state you鈥檙e traveling. Unless you鈥檙e heading to the far north, summer should feel similar to other northern states. During Alaska鈥檚 cold winter months, however, you鈥檒l want to plan for plenty of cold.

  • What to pack for a winter trip to Alaska?

  • Gloves, hat, scarf, wool socks, thermal underwear, and items that can be easily layered all make up the ideal clothing haul for your winter trip to Alaska. Sunglasses are also a good idea, as sunlight reflects off of snow and can be quite harsh on sunny days.

  • What is the weather like during the Alaska fishing season?

  • The weather during the Alaska fishing season can be as cold as highs in the 50鈥檚, raining and windy鈥o as warm as 80 degrees, sunny and balmy. I tell all our guests to be prepared for the worst and have a layered approach, so you can always shed a layer when the mercury does rise.