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What To Bring On Your Fishing CharterFood,Beverages,Snacks 鈥? A 鈥淐lean鈥?Small Personal Cooler 48 quart or less,Food,Drink (your favorite adult beverage 鈥淏eers鈥?should be in cans).Please do not bring any Hard Liquor. 鈥?This ain鈥檛 no booze cruise. …Motion sickness medication. 鈥?(Bonine,non-drowsy Dramamine or the Scopolamine Patches from your doctor). …

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  • What should I bring on a foreign fishing charter?

  • Your captain needs to be aware of any potential situations on the water and could get into trouble if medication you bring on board is not in its original packaging. Just the same as if you were going on a fishing trip in your home town, you need to bring a variety of bags and containers on a foreign fishing charter.

  • What is a fishing charter and how does it work?

  • To put it simply, a fishing charter is a trip run by an experienced captain or guide, often with additional crew members, on a private vessel. The main point of these charters is to introduce guests to fishing, or to take them out to a specific fishery to target certain species. Charters can be tailored to suit novices or more experienced anglers.

  • What snacks should you bring on a fishing trip?

  • Here are some fishing trip snacks and tips that are perfect for your day on the water. Thermos or large water bottle. A thermos or water bottle with a guarantee that your beverage will stay cool for long periods of time is perfect for a fishing trip.

  • What do I need to bring on a night charter?

  • If you are doing a night charter or a full day charter that continues after dark, you鈥檒l definitely want to bring flashlights and headlamps. Yes, your boat will most likely have lights, but for small tasks like fixing gear or baiting hooks, the extra flashlight can make a big difference.