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  • What are the best fishing snacks?

  • Jerky. Jerky is an excellent source of nutrition. …Trail Mix. Trail mix will help keep you in the game while on the water. …Squeezable Fruit/Vegetable Packs. Vegetable/fruit packs can be a quick source of protein. …Protein Bar. Be certain to grab a few protein bars for quick energy. …

  • What to take fishing list?

  • Cool-weather fishing clothing. Quality rain gear. Waterproof footwear. Heavy shirt socks. Insulated underwear. Insulated gloves and hat. Layers – Windbreaker, Hoodie, Fleece. Heavier jacket (recommended in early spring or late fall)

  • What to bring fly fishing?

  • Here’s a list of what to bring for all your fly fishing adventures. Polarized sunglasses. Hat (wide brims to guard against sun) Rain jacket. Gloves (if early/late season visit) Long sleeved shirts (preferably with collars) Polar fleece vest or jacket.