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what tide is best for mackerel fishing插图

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spring and summer months

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  • What is the best time of day to catch mackerel?

  • Fish On! Re: Time of day to catch mackerel? I think the bigger and better striper fishing is right at sun rise and after sun set. Yes, you can catch some decent fish during the day but nothing beats night time river fishing near and inlet at the correct tide.

  • What is the best way to fish for mackerel?

  • Boat fishing for mackerel is the by far the most effective way to target the fish, since you can cover more ground and aren鈥檛 limited to one area. Boat fishing for mackerel is whole different ball game, and requires far heavier lead weights if you鈥檙e fishing in deep water or trolling.

  • What are the best tides for fishing?

  • While this combination of factors will often encourage fish to feed quite actively, you should keep in mind that wind and other weather conditions can affect the best tides for fishing. An incoming tide can be the best tide to fish when focusing on inshore tidal flats.

  • What are the best fishing lures for mackerel?

  • Hokkais: These have a small luminous fish head design with glitter/tinsel and feather streamers. In small sizes, they are really deadly for mackerel and for use as baited lures. Sabiki: Amini lure that is superb for catching the smaller baitfish like sandeels, launce, herrings, joey mackerel and scad.