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Is the Best Time to Fish Low or High Tide?High and Low Tides. True high tide and low tide are probably the worst times to fish. …Falling Tide. Because water is in movement when a tide is changing, these times are the best times to fish. …Rising Tide. A rising tide occurs when the tide is changing from low to high tide. …Location. …

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  • What is the best tide to surf fish?

  • Ride the High Tide – The best time to surf fish is during high tide. This is when all the fish come in to feed, especially if high tide happens at dawn or dusk. However you should be careful when surf fishing during dawn and dusk. It’s harder to see people swimming and/or objects on the beach.

  • Is the best time to fish low or high tide?

  • Neither the high tide nor the low tide is the best time to fish. Instead, look to fish during the middle periods, between the flooding or falling tides. The high and low points are not good times to fish. Water has tides because of the gravitational pulls of the moon and Earth, as well as a little interference with the sun’s gravity.

  • Is it better to fish during high tide or low tide?

  • The rising or flooding tide is a better time to fish than low or high tide because of the movement of the water. The fish will begin to want to eat again as the water moves. Baits and lures will work differently during the tides because the water will move them differently.

  • What is the best time to fish at low tide?

  • The best time to fish at low tide is immediately after the Ebb, usually on the flood which occurs about an hour after the dead low tide, usually anytime after the slack tide which occurs on either side of high and low.