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  • What kind of Reel do you need for pike fishing?

  • Depending on your venue you might find that the best reel for pike fishing is more akin to a 4000 size. For casting dead baits in huge places like a reservoir our advice would be to go for something that is in between a big pit reel and your normal coarse reel. The retrieve ratio is also important.

  • What’s the best size for a fishing reel?

  • They’re an ideal reel in lakes, streams, small slow-moving rivers, and the backwaters of bays. The 2,000 series allows a little heavier line, four to six-pound mono, or five to 10 braided. Many anglers consider this sized reel the best for working with a light six to seven-foot rod.

  • How big of a reel do I need for a 10ft rod?

  • Choosing a fishing rod to go with this size reel: 35/350/3500 is a reel size you should dedicate to pairing up on a rod that is for around 6-7ft in length that has a line class rating anywhere between 3-7Kg but this size will also be fine to use on a light 10ft rod that is rated to around 4Kgs if it is blackfish or whiting that you are chasing.

  • How big of a lure do I need for Pike?

  • This gives you quite a good variety of lures to play with, and you’ll also be able to do some bait fishing. For reference, many of the best lures for pike fishing – e.g. from Rapala or Mepps – stay in the weight range of 15-50 grams.