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what size line for inshore fishing插图

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The line starts at a2500 and tops out at a size 10500, for inshore work however a size 3500 is ideal or a 4500 if you are throwing heavier lures or beach casting long distances as the extra capacity on the spool will be necessary.

People also ask

  • What size fishing line do I need for saltwater fishing?

  • Big saltwater fish such as sharks, marlins, large kingfish, and large tuna weigh more than 30 pounds on average and hence require more than 30 + pound test fishing lines to catch. Some saltwater fish can weigh as much as 100 pounds and, therefore, require similarly high pound test fishing lines to catch.

  • What are the best line weights for inshore fishing?

  • The best line weights for an inshore fishing setup is 10 lbs mono or 20 lbs braid. As a general rule most inshore fishing tackle can be used with the above line setup.

  • What size reel do I need for fishing?

  • Depending on whether you choose a spinning or casting setup the kind of reel that you choose should be suitable for the line that you will be using. For monofilament line in the 10 to 12 pound range a size 3000 inshore spinning reel or size 30 baitcaster reel.

  • What size braided line for snook fishing?

  • Let’s say that you are fishing for slot sized snook or smaller around docks or mangroves. These fish can be handled effectively with a 4000 or 4500 series reel filled with 20 or 30 pound braided line with a 40 pound leader.