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what kind of fishing rod do i need插图

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Spinning rods work well with lighter baits and lures and are good general-purpose and beginner fishing rods. Casting rods work well for tossing artificial baits, plugs, and jigs that are heavier. A fishing rod can be made offiberglass or graphite. Fiberglass is tougher and generally more flexible and can be less expensive.

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  • What are the different types of fishing rods?

  • Types of Fishing Rods. The most common types of fishing rods are: casting rods, spinning rods, trolling rods, flyfishing rods, travel rods, ultralight rods, surf rods, ice rods and telescopic. However, within each class of rod there are many specialist rods that are designed with a specific use case in mind.

  • How to choose the right rod weight for fishing?

  • Refer to the fishing rod size chart above, and find the rod weight that best matches the type of fish you plan to catch. For example, if you want to catch panfish, the sizes to choose from would be either 鈥楿ltra Light鈥?or 鈥楲ight.鈥?As you can see, you can usually use more than one rod weight to catch a particular kind of fish.

  • What kind of fish can you catch with a deep sea rod?

  • You can go after just about any kind of ocean fish with a deep sea fishing rod. While lighter-duty rods are ideal for fishing smaller species, some of the heavier duty options allow you to go after tough shark and game fish, like tuna.

  • What is a line guide rod?

  • They are the kind of fishing rods that most people will associate with a fishing rod. They differ in design in that the line guide closest to the reel will be much large than on a casting rod.